How to apply gel varnish

How to apply gel varnish
Gel polish is an excellent alternative to the traditional polishnew coating. On the nails, it lasts up to 20 days. The procedure for applying the gel-polishand will not take more than 40 minutes, and the nails will look just great.

You will need
  • – UV-apparatus;
  • – Bond-gel;
  • – укрепляющий прозрачный гель;
  • – gel varnish;
  • – прозрачный ультразакрепляющий гель;
  • – means "Klianser Plas";
  • – спонж.
First, apply a little Bond-gel on the nails, as a result, they will acquire a matte shade. Remember, if you apply too much Bond-gel, the surface will look shiny or damp, and this will lead to peeling of the gel polisha.

To polymerize the Bond-gel coating, place your hand on 1 minute in a UV machine. Do not remove the dispersive sticky layer from the nail, which will appear after this procedure. Top with a thin layer of strengthening clear gel and again polymerize it for 30 seconds.

При помощи специальной кисти для нанесения гелевого polishand cover the nails over the sticky dispersion layer with a thin layer of gel-polisha. Carefully apply polish в области кутикулы. Поместите руку на 3 минуты в УФ-аппарат.

Top the nails with a transparent ultra-hardening gel. If the gel on the cuticle or okolonogtevuyu skin, it will contribute to the further peeling of the coating from the nail. Therefore, in these places, carefully remove excess gel with a plastic pusher.

For curing, place your hand on 1 minute in the UV machine. At this stage, remove the dispersion layer. To do this, moisten the foam sponge in the "Klianser Plas" tool. Next, gently pat the nail with a sponge and movements directed toward yourself, remove the sticky dispersion layer from the surface of the nail plate. After that, the coating should get a smooth, smooth and shiny appearance.

Ultrafine gel can be replaced with a drug called "Strengthened fixer". The use of this agent does not require the use of a UV device and the removal of the dispersion layer, which greatly facilitates the time and reduces the application of gel polisha.

Тщательно вымойте и насухо вытрите руки. Покройте ногти специальным маслом и аккуратными массажирующими движениями вотрите его в околоногтевую поверхность и кутикулу.

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