How to apply false eyelashes

How to apply false eyelashes
Who among us does not dream of thick long eyelashes. Unfortunately, not all of us mother-nature they endowed. However, for a long time, false nails and eyelashes have been invented that will allow you to fulfill your dream.

Before, how to use invoices eyelashes, warm them up in your hands. This will make them more flexible and it will be easier for you to repeat the outline of the eye.

If your eyelashes are straight – before gluing overhead eyelashes twist them with forceps. And apply one layer of mascara.

От типа ресниц будет зависеть и technique their overlapping. Cilia or a whole bundle is superimposed on the contour of the upper eyelid, beginning with the outer edge. Some glue them around the entire contour, someone is limited to a few bundles of arrows.

To spread a false eyelash or a bundle, you need to drip specially designed glue on the palm and in this drop dipped eyelashes. If you impose solid eyelashes, then glue should be applied to the eyelashes themselves with a few drops.

Накладывать ресницы лучше не hands, а специальным tweezers и как можно более близко к натуральной линии ресниц. Когда ресница или пучок приложен – прижмите его пальцем буквально на несколько секунд.

Solid eyelashes are pressed first in the middle of the century, and then they are smoothed to the sides of the corners of the eyes. Often the tape of false eyelashes is longer than it is needed. Boldly cut off excess with manicure scissors.

Когда ресницы приклеились, подождите немного, накрасьте естественные и искусственные ресницы вместе вторым слоем туши.

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