How to apply eye shadow

How to apply eye shadow
It is found out that the main detail of appearance, which during communication, your interlocutor pays attention most often, are the eyes. They attract the eye, even when a person looks at someone's portrait. First of all, the viewer tries to look at the eyes of the person who is portrayed, and then returns to them again and again. Women, knowing this very well, use shadows to adjust the shape of the eyes, enlarge them and make the look more expressive.

You will need
  • – tonal basis;
  • – eyeshadow;
  • – Brushes;
  • – аппликаторы;
  • – контурный карандаш.
Чтобы добиться того эффекта, который нужен вам, следует apply correctly eye shadow, using the recommendations of stylists and considering that liquid, cream and ordinary dry shadows have not only different texture, but also different properties. For those who have only begun to comprehend beauty secrets and applying make-up, we recommend using traditional dry shadows, they are considered easier to use.

Before applying makeup, you need to cleanse your skin – wash and rub your face with tonic or lotion. Sit down so that the lighting is intense and uniform. Prepare a mirror and brushes with which you will apply shadows. If there are no special brushes, use applicators that are enclosed in boxes with shadows or sold separately.

Apply a small amount of foundation foundation to the skin of the eyelids. Evenly distribute it in a thin layer, not different from the general skin tone of the face. Lightly powder the eyelids so that the base does not roll down and does not accumulate in the folds of the skin of the eyelids. As a basis for the entire area from the line of eyelash growth in the upper eyelid to the eyebrows, a thin layer of light shadows of corporal color can be applied with a broad brush.

This area is divided visually into several parts: the contour along the line of growth of the eyelashes, the lower eyelid, the area under the eyebrows and the fold of the eyelid at the outer corner of the eye. You can use any tone, but the general principle is this: the lightest, almost fleshy tone is applied to the area under the eyebrow, a medium-intensity tone is applied to the eyelid, the contour is surrounded by eyeliner or a special pencil, the darkest tone is applied to the fold of the eyelid. Naturally, all transitions of shadows need to be carefully shaded with the help of an applicator.

На области, прилегающие к внешнему уголку глаза, наносите тени более темных тонов, чем те, которыми оттеняют внутренний уголок глаза. Нижнее веко достаточно подчеркнуть контурным карандашом по линии роста ресниц и нанести на внешний уголок тонкую полоску теней, растушевав ее.

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