How to apply eye shadow

How to apply eye shadow
What is the key to successful makeup? Of course, in beautifully colored eyes! Perhaps the longest, as well as the most difficult part of any make-up is the application of shadows. But if you cope with the task, then your view will attract the attention of others!

For many women, the application of shadows is very simple, in one stage – just take a brush and apply shadows to the eyelids. But it's not right! The application of shadows does not occur in one stage, not even in two! This is real art. If you want to emphasize the beauty of the eyes, it is very important to learn how to apply any kinds of shadows correctly!

Makeup base

Without it, nowhere. Start making makeup with just the basics! In this case, the basis is selected under the structure of the shadows. For example, if you plan to use friable shadows, it is better to take a transparent powder, and if liquid – then use a special moisturizer for dry eyelid skin, and liquid powder – for oily skin of the eyelids. For other types of shadows, a base cream or a special make-up primer is suitable. This all buy in professional cosmetics stores!

Applying Shadows

Now go directly to the shadows. Again, many believe that it is enough to draw a line through the century with just one color. But this is too banal and ugly! First, a light tone is applied to the eyelid, from the cilia to the eyebrows. And already along the upper border is applied a dark line (applied to the mobile eyelid). You can apply contrasting bright spots to the corners of the eyes. If you decide to use mother-of-pearl shades, they are more suitable for creating evening make-up. And it is even better to use them for girls without wrinkles, the skin around the eyes should be smooth. Pearlescent or shiny shades are applied exclusively to the outer corner of the eyes or to the center of the eyelid. Liquid shadows should not be applied to the lower eyelids. If you observe these simple rules, it will not be difficult to put shadows on eyelids!

Make up makeup

Are the shadows covered? Well, now it's time to correct the border of make-up – for this use a cotton swab, and also a tonal cream. Look in the mirror – are your eyes bright? Are they too stand out? Then you can apply powder on top of the shadows – just a little, and if the make-up appears dull – you can apply a second layer of shadows.

Fix make-up

Now the ready make-up needs to be fixed – this is a mandatory item, which for some reason many people neglect! It will help you clear powder. It helps a lot – the shadows will not crumble, they stay longer on the eyelids.

Final touches

Now you can add makeup to your eyes – apply mascara to the cilia or create a contour with a cosmetic pencil. If you have a bright eye makeup, then simply cover the lips with a transparent shine. Do not focus at the same time on the eyes and lips!

If you put the shadows correctly, your eyes will become more expressive, bright, attractive at times! Also remember, that it is necessary to select carefully shades both under color of eyes, and under color of a skin, hair. Well, of course, experiment – otherwise how else to get enough experience in this matter? And with the proper skill to create both everyday and festive make-up can in minutes!

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