How to apply daily makeup

How to apply daily makeup
In our time, a woman in order to be beautiful does not have to follow the accepted canons. The beauty industry is trying to draw attention to individuality, to the different characteristics peculiar to each girl. Despite all the fleeting fashion trends, the classic daytime makeup remains still popular.

First of all, use a compact base that contains powder. With its help, you can give your skin a natural look without weighting. Now a thick layer of the foundation on the face is considered unacceptable. It is better that the skin color is more natural.

In order to give your eyelashes extra volume and effect, use tweezers for eyelashes. The use of tweezers to twist the eyelashes will give your eyes lightness and create the effect of "wide eyes".

For all the eyelid, apply a shade of light shade of ivory with a brush, then apply a thin layer of mascara. Ink begins to apply from the upper lashes. To prevent eyelashes sticking together, apply mascara, do this with zigzag motions. And with the tip of your carcass walk on the lower eyelashes, while carrying out smooth horizontal movements. In order to remove the extra carcasses from the eyelashes that remained on them after applying the brush, use a comb for the eyelashes. This will prevent them from sticking together.

It is very important to have beautiful и groomed брови. Для того чтобы пудра или основа были удалены с бровей, проведите по ним щеточкой for eyebrows against growth volos. Using shadows or a pencil in the tone of the eyebrows, draw the blanks between the hairs. If you use shadows, apply them with a brush for the eyebrows, try to evenly distribute them along the entire length of the eyebrow.

In this makeupe focuses on the lips. Lips and contour will look perfect if you pick up a pencil in your tone lipstick. To draw четкую линию, необходимо поставить elbow on a hard surface and find a position in which the hand will not tremble.

A well-drawn path must be filled in the selected lipstick. For a better application, use a brush. After you apply the first layer of lipstick, wipe your lips with a napkin, then you can start applying the second layer of lipstick. In this way you can achieve greater haze of lipstick and guarantee that it will last much longer.

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