How to apply coconut oil

How to apply coconut oil
Coconut butter is produced by squeezing out coconut from the pulp. The soft part is separated from the shell, dried, crushed and cold pressed to give a useful butter. It is quite popular in cosmetology, as it contains nutrient and medicinal components in excess: lauric, myristic, oleic, caprylic, palmitic, capric, capric and other acids.

Coconut butter It has a solid consistency, in appearance it resembles soap. The oil "melts" at a temperature of 25 degrees, including when applied to the skin. Him solid consistency is due to the content of lauric and myristic acids in it. Despite this, butter хорошо впитывается, не оставляет жирных следов и пленки.

Coconut butter thanks to a saturated fat structure is ideal for nutrition and moisturizing dry skin, it effectively helps to fight and with fine wrinkles. Apply coconut oil regularly butter на лицо, тело, на потрескавшиеся губы. Излишки промокните салфеткой. Для кожи допускается применять в чистом виде рафинированное кокосовое butter. Unrefined combine with other vegetable oils. Adding to coconut butter liquid honey, you will get a great natural scrub, which simultaneously also moisturizes the skin.

Coconut butter has a curative effect for damaged hair. Dip your fingers into the remedy and massage the scalp, rubbing butter in the roots. You can put a few drops on the comb and comb your hair, nourishing them to the very tips. Sweep butter не надо, оно создает защитную пленку на волосах – она предупреждает негативное воздействие щелочных шампуней, жесткой воды и агрессивных факторов внешней среды. Потому после частого мытья шампунем, регулярной сушки феном волосы не повреждаются, при этом они меньше секутся и сохраняют свой здоровый вид.

Coconut butter well removes irritation, redness and itching of the skin after a bite of mosquitoes and midges. Mix together a few drops of coconut oil, tea tree and lavender and apply a soaked cotton swab to the inflamed area.

Coconut butter – also a means for removing makeup. Just drop a little oil on the cotton pad and take off the make-up from the eyes and face, as you do with ordinary milk to cleanse the skin.

Применение кокосового масла эффективно при лечении трещин на palms, elbows and heels. Lubricate them with wounds and burns – the product has an anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect.

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