How to apply blush on cheekbones

How to apply blush on cheekbones
In the cosmetic bag of any girl there will be mascara, powder and lipstick. And here blush not all are used. Meanwhile, blush helps to visually adjust the shape of the face and give the entire appearance a more fresh look.

You will need
  • – большая круглая кисть;
  • – влажные гипоаллергенные салфетки.
It is very important to choose the right shade. It should perfectly match with the natural skin color and be close to your natural blush. Universal colors suitable for everyone are natural warm colors, for example, light brown or peach. Keep a shade of blush combined with a general color scheme of makeup.

Dry blush look most natural on the cheekbones, but for the application you will definitely need a large round brush. Before applying the blush on the skin, shake off excess amount. Do not forget to clean your brush regularly, use wet wipes to do this.

Рассыпчатые румяна следует всегда наносить только в одном направлении. Движения должны быть направлены от центра лица к краям. Если вы нанесли слишком много средства, можно исправить этот недостаток при помощи пудры.

Гелевые или кремовые румяна – более стойкие по сравнению с рассыпчатыми, но нанесение этих румян требует большего навыка. Наносите такие румяна подушечками пальцев. Поставьте три точки по направлению от самой высокой точки скул к середине щеки и тщательно растушуйте круговыми движениями. Будьте аккуратны. Если вы перестараетесь с нанесением румян, вам придется полностью переделывать весь макияж.

Correctly applied blush helps to correct the oval face. To make the face look wider, apply blush from the bottom up and carefully shade them at the level of the pupils of the eyes. Line cheekbones underline blush, darker by one tone, as if drawing the letter "C".

If you have a square face, apply a blush toward the temples, not only cheekbones, a slightly darker tone is applied to the line of the lower jaw under the ears. Thoroughly shake.

For a narrow face, blush in the direction from the middle of the cheek to the ears. At the highest point of the cheekbones, place the point flickering blush. Чтобы определить ее, улыбнитесь. Самая convex the point is the place you need.

Do not put on the highest point of the cheekbones dark blush, this will make the face visually flat. A darker tone is applied to the cheekbones or for them, closer to the temples.

Do not just apply blush on cheekbones. To fully unlock the potential of this cosmetic product, you can apply them on the chin, on the forehead and even on the lobes of the ears. This will make your appearance more harmonious.

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