How to apply blush in balls

How to apply blush in balls
Often in makeup ladies use rouge. This tool is able to give the face freshness, emphasize its beautiful relief, hide flaws. Blush in balls are very popular among the fair sex. They come in different shades and are very easy to apply.

The balls of which rouge, – this is just a compressed dry consistency of those blush, to which all have long been accustomed. As a rule, the color spectrum of the balls can be both cold and warm tones. Such rouge can have either a single color, or, conversely, a few shades of similar shade. Often they add shiny particles or mother of pearl.

To apply rouge, you will need a usual set of brushes for blush with long handles. For easy application, use the largest brush. To adjust the reliefs of the face, take the beveled brush. Small brushes that are attached to the rougem, will serve you in situations where you need to slightly adjust your makeup. Always make sure that the brushes are clean.

Be especially careful if you apply rouge on foundation and powder. Apply them with light movements, using a very small amount. Otherwise, you can not delete from the face only rouge, придется очищать все лицо и делать макияж заново. Тщательно растушевывайте нанесенные rouge. They are called to imperceptibly and harmoniously emphasize your beauty.

When applying blush, drop the round brush into the balls at a right angle. Then apply them to the skin at the same angle. Use soft point movements that will give your face more naturalness and shine.

Do not forget, though, that rouge should be applied, focusing on the shape of the face. On the oval face, select the area from the cheekbones to the outer edge of the eyelids, on the round one – from the temple to the lower jaw, sliding along the outer border of the cheeks. If the shape of your face is closer to the triangular, accent the area from the cheekbones to the temples. Then shade rouge in the direction "down". A square face will look more harmonious if you first apply rouge under the eyes, and then gently grow in the sides.

Легкий дневной макияж будет выглядеть законченным и придаст вашему лицу свежесть и сияние, если вы не обделите вниманием лоб и подбородок.

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