How to apply blush and powder

How to apply blush and powder
Powder and rouge complete the qualitative make-up, give the person the right shape, rejuvenate, mask the signs of fatigue. The powder hides the greasy shine of the skin, and the blush returns a fresh healthy look to the face.

Wait until the foundation is absorbed into the skin, so that the powder is easy evenly. Before you distribute powder On the face, a skin blot with a napkin for elimination of fat shine. Apply the powder in small portions, so it will lie flat. Distribute the powder on the cheeks and sides of the face with a brush, and on the forehead, nose and chin – puff. And then lightly moving, just touching the skin, powder the face. To get rid of fatty shine, pay special attention to the central part of the face, the wings of the nose.

Apply the blush first to the area of ??the cheekbones from the ears to the nose. Then draw a brush along the roundness of the cheeks. Repeat the steps in the reverse order, so that the layers are mixed and the blush is laid evenly. With this technique of application, the back of the cheek will be emphasized. This will give the person freshness, and make-up will look more natural. Dry blush should be applied with a broad brush over the foundation and powder. Liquid blush is applied by fingers or sponge immediately on the foundation, and then powdered.

Identify your type of face. Then with the help of blush and powder it will be possible to correct some disadvantages. In order to smooth out the roundness of the face, apply a powder of a dark shade from the temples to the cheeks and the lower jaw, shading to the neck, and blush the area under the cheekbones. The square face will refresh the blush, spread from the top of the cheekbone to the center of the cheek. Shade the chin with dark blushes with a triangular face. To the forehead seemed wider, apply blush from the eyebrows obliquely to the hair. Women with a rectangular face need to walk a brush with blush horizontally over the cheekbones. Do not apply blush close to the nose.

Powder a face with a light powder if you have applied more blush than necessary. Do not remove excess with a paper napkin.

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