How to apply autumn makeup

How to apply autumn makeup
Autumn is the most sensual and soft time. It is at this time that I want the warmth and tenderness of the last rays of the sun. Autumn makeup, as a rule, is made in a warm cheerful range, after a bright, cheerful and slightly reckless summer, the autumn colors used in make-up bring peace and comfort. A barely noticeable blush on the cheekbones, an ideal complexion, bright and seductive lips – all this is a high-quality make-up. The color scheme of autumn makeup always looks luxurious, because it's dark coral colors, burgundy and ruby ??shades. Makeup for the autumn should be flawless, relevant and necessarily persistent. In most cases, the main emphasis is on the lips. However, do not forget that in this case the eyes should not be too bright. Instead of saturated, bright shadows, their natural warm shades are used. A special femininity and refinement will add a drop of lip gloss over lipstick.

Often, autumn makeup has to start with the masking of yellow circles under the eyes. Cope with them will help concealer tone tone is lighter than the selected tonal.

Tonal cream is more convenient to apply with a wide brush, or you can simply use your fingertips.

Прекрасно для этого времени года подойдет пудра терракотового оттенка. На загорелой коже прекрасно будет смотреться пудра с бронзовыми светоотражающими частицами. Небольшое количество бронзирующей пудры или румян поможет смоделировать идеальный овал лица и придать ему здоровый свежий вид.

If you dared to create make-up, as the main accent in which a bright lipstick is chosen, make sure that the person does not seem too pale against her background. Avoid this with the help of blush. When choosing a blush, pay attention, first of all, to natural shades, excellent terracotta and reddish-brown colors. For the fans of lighter tones, you can pick up the makeup of the orange palette.

Makeup artists advise not to use dark colors and clear lines in the fall, soft and effective make-up should be obtained due to halftones and careful feathering. Eyelashes and eyebrows try to emphasize a smooth, muffled line. For the drawing of hairs it is recommended to use suitable shades of color, and mascara to choose a brown or gray-brown color.

You can select cilia and a darker ink, for example, black or dark green, but it is necessary to apply it in this case in a single layer.

Осенний макияж глаз предполагает использование зеленоватых или коричневатых оттенков. Прекрасно подойдут тени болотного цвета. Яркий интересный эффект создаст сочетание коричневого и теплого желтого тонов или голубого с бурым. Постарайтесь избегать холодных цветов и перламутрового блеска. Выделить глаза, сделать их более глубокими и выразительными можно при помощи кайала землистого коричневого цвета. Желательно отказаться от подводки черного цвета, лучше заменить ее серой или темно-коричневой.

For autumn makeup, lipsticks with pearl or silver hues are not at all suitable. If you want to add a light shine, then give preference to the golden radiance. Warm red, "rusty" and copper colors of lipsticks will perfectly suit. This lipstick will put the main accent on the makeup on the lips, so do not forget to take this into account when choosing shadows. If the makeup does not involve bright lips, you can use a salmon-colored lipstick.

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