How to apply a toning shampoo

How to apply a toning shampoo
Giving dull hair shine, adding a few bright, vibrant shades, without damaging the structure of the hair – these are the functions of shade shampoos, very popular among women of all ages. Gently covering his hair, coloring shampoo improves their color and appearance. The main thing is to correctly and evenly apply it.

First of all, do not mix up the shampoo with balm. The medium of the shampoo is alkaline, and the balm has an acidic. Shampoo not only colors, but also shampooes your hair, and so to maintain the color you can use it every day, but the main purpose of the balm – heal, adding a little color to the hair.

Shampoo shampoo should always be applied after the main washing of the head on clean damp hair (not wet, water should not drain from them). It is better if before drying the shampoo you dry them with a towel or a hairdryer. This will ensure better coloration.

Pay attention to the inscriptions on the shampoo pack. There are very concentrated formulations of shampoos, and many experts advise in this case to plant them. Especially if you have blonde hair or you just want to improve their color, and not change it radically. Most carefully, you should treat shade-colored shampoos to blondes and people with damaged hair (chemistry, frequent use of hairdryers and styling products, etc.), because coloring your hair in one color, you risk getting completely different (for example, instead of chocolate – bright red). To prevent this from happening, it will be better to apply to the hair a diluted shampoo formulation: 2-3 teaspoons of shampoo per liter of warm water. Also, the concentrated composition can be diluted with the usual shampoo in the proportion of 50 on 50, applied to the hair, foamed and washed off with warm water.

Оттеночный шампунь наносится непосредственно на волосы и распределяется по всей их длине при помощи вспенивания. Не переусердствуйте, втирая его в корни волос – вы рискуете окрасить кожу головы, что будет выглядеть не эстетично. Воспользуйтесь расческой, желательно обычным гребнем, а не массажной щеткой, чтобы равномерно распределить средство по всей длине волос. Можно подержать состав некоторое время на волосах, так цвет будет более ярким и насыщенным.

If the color did not suit you after using the shade of the shampoo, you do not need to get upset, because it will wash off in a few days. After that you can try another remedy that is more suitable for your hair.

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