How to apply a self-tanning spray

How to apply a self-tanning spray
Lovers of beautiful sun tanning prefer to have it all year round. This is not a problem in the spring and summer, but when the cold comes, the sun hides more often behind the clouds and less often pleases with its appearance, an excellent tool will come to the rescue – autosunburn.

The procedure is best conducted in a free room with good ventilation. Make sure that during распыления краска не попала вам в глаза, вдыхать пары средства тоже нежелательно.

To get an immaculately smooth and even tan, prepare the body in advance. First, run a scrub in all areas and rinse well with warm water. It is recommended to do this in the evening. In the morning, proceed directly to the procedure. The skin should be absolutely dry, the quality of the sunburn depends on it directly.

Even before the procedure begins, make a small trick – apply body lotion to the abdominal area before the breast. Spray in this place will then absorb less than flanks, and this will give a visible effect of an excellent press. The lotion can also be applied to places where there are freckle scars and hyperpigmentation. Autosunburn here will absorb less and will not give very dark spots.

Sprayautosunburn Spray easily and evenly over the body. Apply it from the bottom to the feet, avoid the area knees and feet. Then spray up the body, finishing on hands, while avoiding elbows and palms. Most sites can be painted on their own, but an assistant is required for the back. Spray it is necessary to spray without stopping, it is better to do this in densely-fitting rubber gloves.

At the end of the procedure, allow the spray to dry completely, do not wear at least 10-15 minutes, otherwise there may be traces of stitches on the skin from the clothing. Also it is not recommended to bathe, take a shower, play sports and use moisturizers for about 12 hours. To fix the result on the body should not be a drop of water or sweat. To maintain a magnificent golden tan, you need to apply again spray-autosunburn every week.

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