How to apply a mask on face

How to apply a mask on face
Skin is the largest organ in our body. Therefore, it can be fed not only from the inside, but also from the outside with the help of masks. Masks can be purchased already ready for use, and you can make them yourself from those products that you find in the refrigerator: eggs, cottage cheese, fruit, vegetables. To power the skin with a mask was effective, you need to learn some rules.

You will need
  • Cleansing lotion, mask products, mask
Before the beginning procedures face must be thoroughly cleaned. You can use water with soapCan be use cleansing lotion. Yet better to steam face, holding it over ferry with healing herbs. Если такой возможности нет, то можно и без этой процедуры.
How to apply a <strong> mask </ strong> to <b> a person </ b>

После этого нанесите заранее приготовленную mask. Тщательно и равномерно распределите по лицу, избегая area eye. The mask is usually keeps on the face about 20-30 minutes.

Then mask carefully wash off. You can refresh your skin with a piece of ice. If Mask was tightening the pores, then be sure to apply a nourishing cream. If mask you put in the evening, and this mask was nutritious, it is better not to lubricate the skin with anything, but go to bed at once.

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