How to apply a mask of clay

How to apply a mask of clay
Clay is a product very well known in the world of cosmetology. This is a wonderful natural adsorbent, which in the literal sense of the word "absorbs" a variety of by-products of the vital activity of our skin, which makes masks made of clay very relevant.

Clay can be of different varieties, which are determined by its color and chemical composition, depending on this, you can choose it for a certain type of skin. For example, the inflamed skin is beneficially affected by green clay, which includes zinc and copper ions. Red and pink clay is suitable for dry. Clay of blue color contains a large number of minerals. And white has a deep, but at the same time, gentle impact.

Разведите глину for the mask only clean and cool water in the ratio indicated on the package. Stir it very carefully so that there are no lumps. According to the consistency, the composition should be thick, otherwise it will drain from the face.

Well clean and dry the skin. Then apply a thick layer. Apply the mask so that it completely covers the skin of the face, except the zone around the eyes – it is already very dry, since there are no sebaceous glands in this area.

Do not keep the clay mask on your face for too long. If you wait until the mass is completely dry, it can dry the skin. If you have oily skin, it will be enough 20 minutes, if normal or combined – 10, and for dry enough and 5 minutes. To prevent dehydration after removing the mask, moisten the skin with a moisturizer.

Когда глиняная маска высохнет, немного сбрызните ее водой, чтобы она обмокла, и удалите ее при помощи влажной салфетки или просто смойте прохладной водой.

If you have oily skin, apply a mask of clay no more often than 2-x once a week, if dry or normal – not more often 1-th time a week.

Clay masks can be applied not only to the entire face, but also to individual "problem areas" (the chin or decollete zone, for example).

Masks based on clay are able to narrow pores, reduce inflammation and give the skin a healthy and beautiful matte color.

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