How to apply a manacle shellac on your own

How to apply a manacle shellac on your own
American company CND, one of the leaders in the production of nail varnish, a few years ago pleased fashionists an excellent novelty. A new coating called Shellac immediately became a world trend in the field of nail design. The product is a hybrid of modern gel and varnish, differing in stability and durability. It does not provoke an allergy, it does not harm the health of the nails.

The Shellac procedure, more precisely, application technology coverage is quite simple, however, experts advise the first time to try out a new manicure in the salon to see all the details of its application. After that, you can already try coating without the participation of a professional, having previously provided yourself with the necessary tools.

Чтобы выполнить Шеллак в domestic conditions, prepare:
• oil or serum to soften the cuticle;
• A stick (better from an orange tree) for processing a cuticle;
• Manicure tweezers and scissors;
• fillets fine-grained to give shape to the nails, as well as a grinding bar and a polishing file made of glass or leather;
• transparent coating-base;
• colorless shellac;
• color shellac;
• UV-lamp for drying the coating;
• 99% alcohol solution (isopropyl);
• remover shellac.

Shellak application procedure:
1. Place the necessary equipment and facilities on a well-lit table.

2. Light the UV lamp.

3. Make an 5-minute soapy hand bath, rinse the brush with clean warm water, wipe dry.

4. Cover the cuticles of the nail plates with a softening agent. After 3-4 minutes, carefully remove the softened skin to the base of the nail with a stick. Strongly cut off the cuticle carefully cut.

5. Give the nails the desired shape with a saw, polish the surface and tips of the nail plates. Shellac looks great on nails own and artificial, different lengths and different shapes: almond shaped, square, "cat", stiletto-like, etc.

6. For each nail, apply a smooth layer of the base coat, which will give the nails an additional strength and at the same time level their surface.

7. Dry nails coated with a UV lamp. By time – no longer than 15 seconds.

8. Choose the Shellac of the desired shade and cover it with your nails, trying to make the lac-gel lay down in a thin layer and evenly. Dry in a UV lamp for two to three minutes.

9. Apply colored varnish-gel repeatedly, also a thin layer. And again under the lamp for 2 minutes.

10. Прокрасьте ноготки прозрачным (другое название «топовым») shellac and after 20 seconds, remove it with a swab dipped in alcohol solution. After such manipulation your manicure will shine like a gloss. Extremely beautiful.

11. The final touch is an easy massage of the brushes with any vegetable oil or moisturizer.

12. Fashionable manicure is ready. Now your nails are provided with several weeks of bright radiance, persistent brilliance and flawless color.

To remove Shellac, you do not have to go to the salon. AT Home conditions удалить покрытие тоже можно, вам понадобится специальный состав, который мастера маникюра используют для снятия гелевых ногтей. После обработки этим средством покрытие отходит от ноготков в виде пленки и легко снимается.

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