How to apply a foundation lotion

How to apply a foundation lotion
Tonal cream is a means for make-up, which helps to hide minor flaws, improve complexion and protect the skin from natural phenomena. In the composition of voice-frequency means include moisture, fat, powder and pigments, as well as nutritious, medicinal and protect the skin from ultraviolet matter. Correctly selected and applied to the foundation can mask pimples, spots, redness, etc.

Before applying the foundation, moisturize the skin with a day cream, leave it on 5-10 minutes so that it can soak in, and pat the skin with a paper towel to remove excess cream.

Then, with light circular motions, apply a foundation cream from the center of the face to the edges, otherwise you can not hide, but on the contrary – accent pores and fine wrinkles.

В зависимости от консистенции тонального средства нанести его можно пальцами или губкой. В первом случае немного средства выдавите на ладонь и аккуратно вбейте в кожу маленькими порциями при помощи кончиков пальцев. Затем мелкопористой губкой осторожно «вдавите» крем, убирая лишнее и делая тон более равномерным. При нанесении тонального крема спонжем, перед применением слегка смочите его водой, а после использования ополосните теплой водой и подсушите.

To give the face more natural, never put the cream on it in large portions. Apply the product with small peas on the entire surface of the skin of the face. To give a beautiful smooth tone and healthy shine, mix in equal proportions a tonal remedy and a moisturizing cream and apply the mixture on your face with a damp sponge.

Если вы правильно подобрали оттенок тонального крема, не наносите его еще и на шею. Главное – хорошо растушуйте границу. Особое внимание уделите и линии роста волос, где тон тоже необходимо тщательно растушевать.

Do not forget that the natural shade of the skin can change. If, for example, on some day your skin is paler than usual, a foundation may be too dark. To create a suitable tone, mix it with either a white foundation or with a normal moisturizer.

To give the face a fresh and radiant color, use a shimmering tonal tool that contains light scattering optical pigments.

Before bedtime tonal remedy must be washed off, and after cleansing the face, apply a nourishing cream.

When buying a foundation, consider that he can not radically change the complexion, but just aligns it and makes it more beautiful and harmonious. To check the color, apply a small amount of funds on the cheek or chin and wait about 10 minutes. This is necessary, since practically all the tonal creams during this time darken a little, and therefore they will look differently than when applied. Give preference to a shade that, after 10 minutes, will best match your natural skin tone.

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