How to apply a compact powder

How to apply a compact powder
Compact powder – a universal tool that allows you to quickly fix makeup, remove greasy shine and refresh your skin. In addition, she can sculpt the face, give it a healthy tint or a noble porcelain pallor. The powder with success will replace a voice-frequency cream, the proof-reader, blush. It is important only to find the right tools for applying it and learn how to use them.

You will need
  • – a large fluffy brush;
  • – a set of latex sponge;
  • – napkins to eliminate gloss;
  • – velvet puff.
To use all the possibilities of compact powder, get a variety of accessories for its application. A small sponge, enclosed in a package, may not be enough. You will need a fluffy large brush, a dense small brush made of synthetic nap, a set of latex sponge, a flat velvet puff.

To refresh the makeup and remove the shine, use a fluffy brush made of natural or synthetic pile. Preliminarily remove excess sebum with the help of special absorbent napkins – they carefully eliminate gloss, without damaging the make-up. Wet the problem areas with napkins, changing them until there are no thick marks on the paper. Make a few movements with a brush in a powder box and with broad strokes, apply the product on your face. Do not rub powder – she must lay down a light translucent veil.

If you need a more dense coating, use latex sponges. Many compact powders can be applied in a damp way. Dampen the sponge and squeeze it well. Collect the powder and apply it to the skin as a foundation. Stretch it so that the product merges with the shade of the skin. For the cheeks and forehead, a flat sponge will do, and for the hard-to-reach areas, use the latex pieces with sharp corners near the nose, under the eyes and near the chin. When you have finished, fix the result, applying a thin layer of dry powder on your face with a fluffy brush.

Темная компактная пудра заменит целый косметический набор. Широкими мазками мягкой кисти нанесите ее на лицо, шею и декольте – и вы получите эффект красивого южного загара. Плоская кисть из плотных синтетических волокон дает более плотное покрытие. Ею можно затемнить область под скулами и у висков, визуально сужая лицо и делая его более рельефным. Чтобы макияж выглядел более естественным, поверх темной пудры нанесите тонкий слой полупрозрачной, а после отполируйте лицо, обмахнув его бархатной пуховкой.

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