How to anesthetize depilation

How to anesthetize depilation
Many girls dream of silky and smooth skin without unnecessary hairs. Some are willing to endure unpleasant, and sometimes painful, sensations for the sake of beauty. Depilation – the procedure is very uncomfortable, especially some of its types. Therefore, on the way to the smoothness of the legs, one should not forget about the possibility of making the procedure less painful.

You will need
  • – a special cream with lidocaine;
  • – Lidocoin capsules;
  • – prilocaine;
  • – Lidocaine spray;
  • – Ice.
For effective analgesia, use a special cream, the main component of which is lidocaine. Apply it on the skin an hour before the procedure and immediately cover with a food film. Do not rub the cream into the skin, its components will work well. If the cream you did not manage to buy, then for anesthesia, you can take a couple of lidocaine capsules and rub them into the places where the hair will be removed.

As an analogue of lidocaine use prilocaine. However, before making anesthesia, determine your own sensitivity to these two drugs. Pregnant women, as well as women with arrhythmia, liver problems and methemoglobinemia application lidocaine is undesirable.

Lidocaine (2% solution) you can inject subcutaneously, if you have experience. Take an insulin syringe and for the entire length of the needle, inject the solution under the skin as close to the surface as possible. After that, draw the syringe halfway and inject into an artificial tunnel. For some time you will feel a burning sensation, and then the solution will resolve, and the radius of action of the anesthetic will be about 2 cm. The following injections are conducted from each other at a distance of 4 cm. вводите lidocaine deeply, because in this case, anesthesia will be the fat layer, and not the hair follicles, which are located slightly higher. The drug lasts about an hour. In comparison with expensive salon anesthesia, this method is very effective and is available.

Для облегчения слабых болевых ощущений купите лидокаиновый спрей (10%-ый). Однако его следует наносить хотя бы за три часа до депиляции, так как его действие проявляет медленно. Для bikini areas such a spray is not suitable. For these places, it is better to use a solution of xichain (4%).

Try обезболить depilated area with the help of ice, although some masters advise to maintain normal body temperature, without cooling. But you can try to relieve depilation, wrapping a piece of ice in a slightly moistened cloth or plastic box, and attaching it to the work area. Also sold is ice, which is frozen in special packages, so that it does not drain off when melting.

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