How to always have good hair

How to always have good hair
Good hair is the dream of any person, whether male or female. Hair attracts attention in the first place and it is important that the impression from the seen image is good, not depressing.

The rules for attractive hair are as follows:

• Your hair should always be clean, wash it not 1-2 times a week, but as it gets soiled;

• The hairstyle should suit your type of face. Outwardly it should not look shocking, but impressive. Consult with hairdressers, which hairstyle is right for you;

• The color of good hair should please, not oppress. Even a few centimeters of sprouted roots always tint in time, do not start your appearance;

• Если кожа головы жирная и волосяной покров быстро лоснится, полощите их после каждого мытья в подкисленной воде. Для этого можно использовать немного уксуса;

• Do not forget about the positive effect of medicinal plants on the bulbs and, accordingly, on all the hair. Use natural masks from oils, eggs, honey and rinsing in herbal decoction of nettles, chamomile, lovage;

• Чтобы придать волосам красивый цвет иногда используйте природные краски. Волосы должны отдыхать от химических красителей. Замечательным натуральным красителем всегда считалась хна. К тому же, она имеет оздоравливающий эффект.

Хорошие волосы всегда выглядят естественно и натурально, стремитесь к этому.

The beauty of a man comes from within when communicating, at first glance, people tend to pay attention to the condition of the hair and the attractiveness of the face. Watch yourself, make yourself good hair, transform your face, and success in all of you is assured!

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