How to add volume to your hair

How to add volume to your hair
Often the hairstyle looks much more effective, if you give it volume. Given that volosEach person's structure is unique in its structure, and care should be taken very carefully for the selection of care products and methods of styling to give the hair a volume.

You will need
  • Деньги, набор расчесок, диффузный фен, бигуди, средства для укладки.
Keep track of your hair. Shampoo, balm, masks, conditioner – everything that you use to care for your hair, should maintain their health. Then you do not need any additional means to create an additional volume. Choose shampoos with group B vitamins and amino acids. Use products containing herbal extracts. For example, nettle will provide volume to all types of hair, and the mallow extract will make fluffy and shiny thin hair.

Give your hair volume when drying. Long hair dry the hair dryer from the roots to the tips, bending your head down. Short hair is also dried first at the roots, then the ends of the hair are laid, but not tilting, and turning the head then to one side, then to the other. Dry your hair with thin strands. In this case, the hair dryer should be at a distance no closer than 15-20 cm from the hair. Remember that you need to dry your hair without using it. You can dry any hair with your hands only. Throughout the time of drying the hair, just perform massaging movements with your hands along the entire length, especially at the roots.

Use diffuse hair dryers. Their design and choice of nozzles allows you to simultaneously dry and lay hair at the roots. At the same time, the integrity of the curl does not break and there is an opportunity to create several variants of different hairstyles.

Get a comb to give volume. In general, this comb is round and semicircular. To make a hairstyle out of curls you will need a thin round brush. A small strand of hair wrap around the brush and blow dry with a hair dryer. To slightly curl the ends of the hair, you need large brushes. A stronger effect of volume hair style can give the use of a skeletal comb. After winding the strand is not comb, dry it with a hair dryer and allow to cool. So it will last longer.

Use hair styling products. But remember that all of them should be useful or at least not harm your hair. Very convenient in this regard, liquid means for styling hair in a magnificent hairdress directly on drying. Some of them are suitable for curlers. Liquid foams and fixatives are applied to damp hair, and the gels are superimposed on dry ones.

Обязательно закрепляйте прическу лаком, что поможет надолго сохранить ее объем. Можно фиксировать укладку, нанося лак различной фиксации на отдельные пряди, а можно закрепить всю прическу целиком.

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