How to activate hair growth

How to activate hair growth
Many girls want their hair to grow faster. But it is not so easy to activate their growth. For this you need to use not only external means. It is necessary to combine them with the intake of vitamin preparations. You also need to adjust your diet.

You will need
  • – Essential oils: burdock, castor, olive;
  • – соль, кефир;
  • – mustard powder, egg yolk, vegetable oil.
Be sure to increase the protein intake, which is necessary for hair growth. It can be eggs, fish, chicken, cheese. It is necessary to enrich your diet with cereals, especially buckwheat and oatmeal. They are a rich source of B vitamins, as well as E. Add carrots, liver, olive and sunflower oil.

Take vitamin supplements containing silicon, sulfur, zinc, selenium and copper. They help to strengthen hair.

To the hair росли быстрее, the circulation of the scalp should be activated. The easiest way to do this is with a massage. Daily give this at least 10 minutes. The effect of massage will be strengthened and oils – burdock, castor, olive. You can apply them for the whole night, there will be even more benefits. Although not everyone can sleep with a plastic bag on his head.

During the period of reinforced hair growth it is necessary to thoroughly clean the scalp. For these purposes, it is good to use a scrub. You can prepare it yourself. A couple of tablespoons of fine salt rub into the wet scalp. If your hair is fat, then use this scrub should be 2 times a week. But with sensitive skin, you should not do it more than once a week. Also, the oily scalp will help clear the combination of salt with yogurt or yoghurt. After the massage, leave the mixture on your head for 15 minutes.

Once a month you should cut the tips (at least a few millimeters). Do this preferably with hot scissors. After this procedure, the tips are sealed, and thus the loss of nutrients is prevented. For the same purpose, it is necessary to lubricate the tips with nutrients.

Increased blood flow to the scalp is stimulated by a mustard mask. For its preparation, two tablespoons of mustard powder are mixed in the same amount of water. There you also need to add egg yolk, a couple of tablespoons of any vegetable oil of your choice. Apply the mixture to the scalp. If the ends of hair are dry, then they should be greased with preheated oil beforehand. The head is wrapped in polyethylene and towel on top. This mask should be kept at least 15 minutes and a maximum of an hour. After that, wash hair with shampoo.

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