How to achieve white skin

How to achieve white skin
Often women dream of light skin, not knowing that her whitening is not such an inoffensive procedure. The most accessible means are bleaching creams. To improve your appearance, without harming the skin, they should be used strictly for their intended purpose.

You will need
  • – whitening cream;
  • – Bio-yogurt;
  • – a lemon;
  • – almonds.
Before bleaching skin consult with a specialist, especially in case of problem pigmentation, which can be manifested in the form of spots, melasma, freckles, etc. A doctor will help you identify reasons similar problems, tk. sometimes these manifestations can be symptoms of serious diseases. Otherwise, you just waste your time and money on bleaching.

When buying a whitening cream, carefully study its composition. If in the list of its components you find hydrochin, kojic acid or arbutin, then refuse to purchase it. Kojic acid and arbutin are harmful substances that easily cause an allergic reaction skin. Hydrocine is a highly toxic whitening agent. It is forbidden to application in many countries, but in Russia it is still a component of some cosmetics.

Buy creams, in which you will find almonds, milk, vitamin C, yarrow extract, lemon, cucumber and parsley. They perfectly whiten and nourish the skin without harming it.

Do not forget that almost all bleaching creams are classified as active medications and are based on the removal of the upper layers of the skin. After applying this cream, the skin becomes very sensitive. Provide it with maximum protection, in the first place, from excessive sunlight. This is especially important in the early spring and in the summer. In the cold season, the skin also needs special care.

Follow the advice of cosmetologists to exclude the possibility of the formation of new pigment spots. Do not use bleaching creams in the morning and before going out. During the day do not forget about protective equipment. Procedures for bleaching spend in the evening, about 2 hours before bedtime. Do not use bleaching cream for more than three weeks in a row.

Use an effective cream recipe that you can make yourself Home conditions. Mix 1 glass of bio-yogurt without additives, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 4 crushed to the state of almond flour. The resulting cream is applied evenly on the face for 15-20 minutes. It perfectly cleanses and whitens the skin.

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