How to achieve perfect skin condition

How to achieve perfect skin condition
The ideal condition of the skin emphasizes the youth and beauty of the woman. Clean skin indicates the health and absence of diseases of internal organs, as well as the attentive attitude of a person to himself.

The condition of the skin largely depends on the general condition of the body. Eat more vegetables, greens and fruits, as well as foods rich in vitamins E and A. Reduce the consumption of fatty fried foods, meat, sweet and flour, foods high in food additives, dyes and flavors. Several times a month, you spend unloading days. Refuse from alcohol and smoking. Remember that the skin of a smoking person ages 2 times faster than a non-smoker. Drink a day at least 1,5 liters of water. It removes harmful substances through the skin and moistens it from the inside.

Avoid stress and sleep. General malaise will always be felt by dark circles under the eyes, swelling and acne. Regularly change pillows and pillowcases. They accumulate allergens and pollution, which can lead to a deplorable skin condition. Spend more time outdoors and avoid air conditioning. The air that has passed through them drastically dries the skin. As little as possible, touch the face with your hands. Most of the inflammation and redness on the skin of the face appears due to non-compliance with hygiene and constant contact with dirty hands.

Know the measure in visiting the solarium and sunbathing in the sun. Direct sunlight exposure leads to premature aging of the skin and can cause serious illness. To enhance protection from them, use SPF-filter products that are suitable for your skin type.

Skin care should include cleansing, procedures for problem areas, moisturizing and nutrition. To cleanse the skin, use products that are strictly suitable for its type and condition. It can be gels, milk, foam, mousse. After thorough cleansing, once or twice a week, use a scrub. He will remove the keratinized particles from the skin, smooth and purify it, preparing for further procedures. The scrub should also correspond to the type of skin, but it can not be used on sites with inflammation and acne.

After using scrub, apply a mask on the skin, aimed at achieving the desired result to you. Pay attention to the mask of natural ingredients that you can make yourself. They are no worse than the purchased ones cope with the tasks set. Finish the outgoing procedures with contrasting washing, which will strengthen the blood circulation and refresh the skin of the face. It will be useful to wipe it with ice cubes with chamomile or sage infusion.

Try to give up a lot of cosmetics. Do not use foundation. It clogs the pores and prevents the skin from breathing, which causes inflammations and pimples. It is better to refuse powder too. If this is not possible, use mineral powder with minute light particles that do not contaminate the skin. Always wash off makeup for the night. Use night and day cream and eye cream if the skin needs it.

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