How to achieve Korean celebrity skin with Makeup + different Korean make-up tips




Today i will be sharing a few videos from a Korean beauy TV program hosted by Kpop star and actress Eugene, and this program is really famous in Korea and is the equivalent of the famous Taiwanese beauty show 女人我最大. If you read our article Get It Beauty Awards 2011 which was held in collaboration with Allure Korea, then you would know that the awards was based on the tv show.

Through those videos, you will see why ‘Facial Mists’ and Highlighters are such an important part in Korean Skincare & Makeup.. and thus, the popularity of the Dayshu Cream.


1. How to use make-up for Acne Prone Skin ? This video was made using Clinique products.


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  1. This was awesome. But can’t you recommend some similar products? Like cleanser for dry skin and oil based mist, matte mist, shiny mist?

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