How to achieve beautiful skin in 2018 year

How to achieve beautiful skin in 2018 year
Beautiful, smooth, clean skin attracts attention and serves as an indicator of health. If a woman believes that the state of a person is impeccable, then feels much more confident. In order to achieve the ideal skin, you need to constantly look after it and do it right.

Do not wash tap water. It contains many impurities that do not go for the benefit of your skin. Salts contained in water, remaining on the face after water treatment, dry the skin. It is better to use thermal water or filtered.

Подбирайте косметические средства соответственно типу вашей кожи. При неправильном подборе вы не избежите раздражения. Старайтесь приобретать те средства, в составе которых находится ретинол.

Choose для пилинга Scrubs that contain synthetic abrasives. Their edges are smoothed and when used they do not injure the skin. For dry skin, use scrubs with fine particles. For oily and mixed – scrubs with a content of salicylic or glycolic acid.

If you smoke, drop a bad habit. At least in order to make the skin of the face beautiful. Smoking attaches to the skin earthy a shade, and it does not look too aesthetic. Do not get involved in sunbathing or visiting the solarium. Use sunscreen. If you constantly suffer from acne eruptions, reduce the amount of sugar consumed. Everything you ate is reflected on your face. And the excess sugar content in the body creates favorable conditions for the reproduction of bacteria.

Cleanse your skin at least twice a day. Daily feed it and moisturize. Return the skin a healthy look and a pleasant color and frequent walks in the fresh air. Immediately after awakening, wipe the skin with a piece of ice – this will help narrow the pores.

Один раз в неделю обязательно делайте маски. Вы можете пользоваться готовыми, приобретенными в косметических магазинах или использовать народные recipes. For dry skin, use masks mixed with honey, cream, sour cream or yolk. For oily skin, mask from sour milk и взбитых белков. При нанесении на кожу помните, что практически все маски, приготовленные собственноручно, рекомендуется держать на лице не меньше 20 минут.

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