How to achieve a natural hair color

How to achieve a natural hair color
Buying this or that paint for volos, many expect that they will acquire the color that is presented on the package. But most often the expectations do not coincide with the final result. Particularly distressing when a new color has a tint that is not inherent in natural volosam. Natural color volos when staining can be obtained with the help of dyes of vegetable origin.

To achieve shaded shades, you can use basma and henna. Take them in the ratio 2: 1, add 2 art. spoons of camomile flowers to avoid a reddish shade, and pour the mixture with strong tea leaves of black tea. The staining time is 30 minutes.

Для получения черного color volos the dye is made from henna and basma, taking them in the proportion of 1: 3. Staining should last about 4 hours. The more basma paint, the darker the voloss.

To create a red or chestnut hue volos можно приготовить следующую смесь: возьмите 25 г пергидроля, 30 г жидкого туалетного мыла и добавьте 5-7 капель нашатырного спирта. Смесь нанесите на voloss and, without covering your head, keep on volosah 20 minutes. Visual control of the staining process. If after the specified time voloss changed their color, the paint is rinsed off with warm water and applied to voloss mixture of 5 g henna, diluted with 50 ml of hot water. The staining time is 8 minutes. Hair will get a reddish tinge.

Chestnut tone will take volosы, окрашенные с помощью хны и кефира. Для приготовления красителя возьмите 1,5 стакана кефира и всыпьте в него пакетик хны, перемешайте. Нанеся смесь на voloss, wrap your head with polyethylene. Keep 40-60 minutes. To get a darker tone, you can extend the staining time. Rinse the dye with warm water without detergents.

Желающим получить золотистый оттенок при светло-шатеновых volosах следует использовать следующий способ. Возьмите 20 г пергидроля, добавьте 20 г жидкого туалетного мыла – светлого color and pour into the mixture 5-7 drops of ammonia. Mixture apply on volosы на 10-20 минут. По истечении времени смойте теплой водой. Затем разведите 3 г хны в 1/4 стакана воды и нанесите на voloss. Wash off after a few minutes.

Light brown color can be obtained by dyeing voloss a mixture of henna and basma, taken in the proportion of 4: 8. The staining time is 30 minutes. To obtain a brown color volos The holding time should be increased to 1,5 hours.

If you are a natural blonde and want to give a golden yellow tint to your volosam, take 25 grams of chamomile flowers, pour them ? cups of hot water and insist 1 an hour. Strain the broth and rinse them voloss after washing.

Яркий золотистый тон volosIt gives a decoction of onion peel. To prepare the coloring broth, take 50 g dry husk and pour a glass of water. Boil 20 minutes. Strain and cool the broth. Thoroughly moisten them voloss and dry them naturally.

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