How to achieve a beautiful blonde

How to achieve a beautiful blonde
In our time, any woman can easily turn into a blonde. To do this, do not need a lot of money for painting in the cabin. Achieve a beautiful blond under the power of every woman at home. But for the result to please you, follow a few rules.

Keep in mind that if your hair is very dark, then it is unlikely that you will get the desired result after the first staining. Dark hair is very difficult to brighten. Even if you leave the paint on 60-70 minutes, the effect that the owner of light hair will not achieve. In this case, the staining procedure is repeated after a few days or the hair is tinted, which makes them look more natural.

Do not be afraid brighten в Home conditions. After all, many funds are created for self-application, therefore, difficulties in the process of staining should not arise. But do not forget that clarification is a chemical process that affects hair quite detrimental. After it, your curls can become drier and brittle. Therefore, after staining, use shampoos, masks and balms for light hair. They will help restore their beauty and health.

Before you begin to lighten hair, prepare everything you need: a towel so you do not get stained clothes, a comb, a paint brush. Do not wash your hair immediately before painting, so as not to wash off the protective film. But it is necessary to carefully comb them.

Read carefully the instructions before lighting. Then mix the clarifying compound according to the instructions, apply it over the entire length of the hair, except for the roots. After a few minutes, apply the remaining paint to the roots, distribute it evenly over the hair and leave it for lightening.

После окрашивания тщательно промойте волосы водой, а затем шампунем. Отожмите их и нанесите маску, которая обычно прилагается к осветляющей краске. Если на ваших волосах появился желтоватый оттенок, используйте оттеночный шампунь с синим или фиолетовым наполнителем.

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