How the lips are pumped up

How the lips are pumped up
Lips swelling, changing their original shape is currently at the peak of fashion. How do modern women pump their lips, and what ways, including domestic ones, exist to change their natural form?

Increase the volume of the lips with hyaluronic acid. The substance is injected in the form of a gel by injection into the region of the lips. This method is the simplest (the procedure lasts only half an hour) and safe, unlike injections of silicone and acrylic. Allergic reactions are extremely rare. The effect lasts up to 9-10 months, then the procedure can be repeated.

Another kind of salon procedure for changing the volume of the lips is lipofilling, or lip pumping with the patient's own fat cells. The procedure lasts about an hour, the duration is quite high to unlimited. The injection does not cause allergies, but correction after the procedure is possible, depending on how much the fat tissue has evenly caught on in the area of ??the lips.

There are injections of biopolymer gels, which have no tendency to resorption. That is, the duration after a half-hour procedure with such a gel is not limited. Possible painless seals and bumps on the lips, which disappear within a month.

Adjust the shape of the lips and make them a little larger will help permanent make-up, which lasts up to five years. The procedure lasts about two hours. But this method only gives the visual effect of enlarged lips. If you want radical changes, then plastic surgery will help, which reaches the necessary contours of the lips, the required swelling, a complete change in shape.

Among domestic methods for changing the shape of the lips without surgery and injections, a special complex of gymnastics for the lips called "Call of Nature" containing more than ten exercises is widely used.

Morning honey massage на зубной щетке области губ способствует их припухлости и увеличению. Зрительно увеличить губы поможет декоративная косметика, например, с использованием светлого контурного карандаша и светлого оттенка помады. Существуют и другие методы применения косметики, которые используют визажисты для зрительного увеличения размера губ.

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