How the chest looks 3-th size

How the chest looks 3-th size
The third size of the breast is a rather noticeable dignity of the female figure. At the same time, it is not necessary to resort to the use of a centimeter for its determination: it is quite possible to identify it by carrying out certain analogies in the mind. Strict evaluation of the size of a woman's breast for compliance with a third dimension implies carrying out some simple measurements and calculations.

Determining the size

A clear definition of the size of the female bust may be important for a variety of reasons. For example, it allows you to choose the right underwear, which will sit well and not restrict movements. Therefore in such cases it is necessary to stock up the calculator and centimeter tape to make accurate measurements.

First, you need to measure the coverage of the trunk under the bust. You need to do this, tightly pressing the tape to the place of measurement – immediately immediately under the breast. The second parameter, which should be measured, is chest coverage at the most prominent points. The easiest way to navigate in this situation is by applying a centimeter tape to the nipples. It must be ensured that all the rest of the tape is strictly parallel to the floor: the sagging of the tape or the change of this angle will inevitably lead to erroneous measurements, which subsequently result in errors in the selection of laundry.

After the values ??of these two indicators are obtained, you must subtract a smaller figure from the larger one. The result of this mathematical operation will be used to determine the size of the bust. So, if it is 10-11 centimeters, it's about the so-called zero size. The difference between the two circles, making 12-13 centimeters, corresponds to the first breast size, 14-15 centimeters to the second, 16-17 centimeters to the third, 18-19 centimeters to the fourth, 20-21 centimeter to the fifth.

Third Size

Proceeding from the given ruler of the sizes it becomes obvious, that the third size of a bust is quite appreciable characteristic figures of a woman. Therefore, ladies of a fragile and asthenic physique rarely enough are its owners. However, from the point of view of the textile industry, any woman can have a third size of a bust, regardless of her complexion: for this it is only necessary that the difference between the circumference under the breast and the breast circumference fit within the given boundaries.

At the same time, accurate determination of the breast size, based on measurements taken with a centimeter tape, is not always necessary. In some cases, it is enough to roughly estimate the size of the bust by eye. To do this the easiest way, having carried out in mind an analogy with various kinds of fruit: thus, experts say that the owner of a third-size bust will have a breast, in size and shape, similar to a pair of grapefruits of standard size.

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