How small eyes make expressive

How small eyes make expressive
Large almond-shaped eyes are easy to make up, but small eyes make their owners tinker with makeup. How to make small eyes more expressive?

First of all, get rid of or correct those deficiencies that visually make them even less. This, for example, is too thick eyebrows or dark circles under the eyes.

Then apply the shadows. It is easiest to give depth to the look with moderately dark shades. Try to draw the eyes a little further to the temples, so start from the outer corner of the eye, moving a soft brush or sponge over the folds of the eye cavity. It is possible to shade this line slightly downwards, however it is not necessary to paint a mobile eyelid specially.

Apply shadows on the lower and upper eyelid to the level of the pupil. If you drop your eyes with a pencil, then draw the line just as far as the middle of the eye. It is forbidden to traverse the inner corner of the eye. To the pencil line did not break off too abruptly and looked natural, gently shade its tip with a cotton swab or an applicator. It is advisable to learn how to bring your eyes in such a way that the line tapers gradually, and to the place of your graduation came to naught.

Prefer the extension of the carcass or twist the cilia. Bulk mascara will create a shadow around the eyes, because of what they will seem even smaller than it actually is. Do not ignore the lower cilia, if your goal is an expressive look. Apply a couple of layers of mascara on them.

Tinted and not very dense eyebrows. This can be done with shadows, pencil or use special paint.

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