How should take care of a girl 23-ies in 2018 year

How should take care of a girl 23-ies in 2018 year
In youth, girls often make mistakes in caring for themselves. So strange to see a fashionably dressed and painted girl, but not combed or with dirty shoes. It is very important to take care of the beauty of the image as a whole.

Skin and Teeth

Begin care in 23 year from the skin of the face. At this age, the skin is still young and fresh. There are practically no mimic wrinkles on it. It is important to keep the skin in this condition for the next few years. To do this, you need to buy a face cream for young skin. Frequent components of such a remedy: chamomile extract, calendula and extracts from other herbs, zinc, yeast, aloe, salicylic acid, medicinal and vitamin complexes. Some components are aimed at fighting acne, others are designed to moisturize and nourish the skin. Sufficient moisturizing is the basis in the care of young skin. Often at a young age, the girls have a combined skin type, when the T-zone is oily, and in other areas the skin is normal or prone to fat. Therefore, choose a special cream and always use a tonic for the face. Vitamin complexes, included in the tonic, neutralize the excessive allocation of fat on the T-zone.

For a normal skin type, a permanent moistening is also required. Please note that the cream for young skin should in no case be anti-aging. In 23, the skin itself produces collagen, elastin and other substances necessary for it. Using a cream against wrinkles, you can spoil the skin. And to return the former healthy state will be very difficult.

To maintain whiteness and dental health, apply toothpaste, special rinse aid and dental floss. Do not forget to visit the dentist on time. Eat only healthy food, and after meals always rinse your mouth. This will not allow bacteria to multiply after another meal.

Hair and nails

The biggest problem of the hair of young girls is the split ends and dryness. First, select the length of hair you want to wear or make a haircut. Every month, cut your hair on 1 see. This will easily avoid the problem of split ends. Once a week, apply to the ends of the hair any oil: castor, sea buckthorn, jojoba and so on. Hold the oil 30 minutes, and then rinse with water and wash your head with shampoo. Oils smooth out the structure of the hair and prevent its delamination. With dry hair, make hair masks from oils, as well as from dairy products, eggs and honey. In these substances (eggs and dairy products) is a protein, so necessary for moisturizing the hair. Make masks regularly and your hair will become healthier and more beautiful. The problem of oily hair also often manifests itself at a young age. Increased secretion of the sebaceous glands can be associated with stress, periodic sessions or examinations. Combat excess fat by using special shampoos and herbal decoctions.

In 23 year, nail care plays an important role. You need to be able to maintain their purity and beautiful appearance. Carry out the care with the help of nails and a quality hand cream. Remember that hands give out the age of a woman. Therefore, start courting them as soon as possible.


At a young age eyebrows grow very active, so you need to remember to pull out the hairs and bushes under the eyebrows in time. It looks very sloppy. Give your eyebrows a neat and beautiful shape with tweezers and keep it up all the time. If you have an oval face, make the eyebrows arched. This will give the person the effect of surprise. But the triangular face elevated shape of the eyebrows is not recommended. Better give preference to straight lines. Thick and wide eyebrows are always in trend. However, not every girl nature endowed sable brows. But do not despair. In order to make eyebrows bulky, use brown or gray shadows that match your shade. Simply put a shadow on your eyebrows and blend on the hairs. Try to keep the color on the hairs, not on the skin of the eyebrows.


Pay attention to the heels. Even at a young age, the skin on the feet can already be very rough. To eliminate this drawback, make a foot bath with hot water. At this time, rub the skin with pumice stone, getting rid of scuffs and burrs. Then dry your feet with a towel, apply a cream on them and wear woolen socks. With regular procedures, you will always have soft feet and heels. And most importantly – get pleasure from yourself! Even in 23, you have the right to arrange a small beauty salon at home.

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