How quickly washed away bezammiya paint on hair

How quickly washed away bezammiya paint on hair
Hair color women have learned even during the reign of Cleopatra. Since that time, colors have changed their composition dramatically, many of their variants have appeared, including various additives for hair care and nutrition. Initially, henna, basma or other components of plant origin were used to color the hair, which not only changed color, but also nourished the structure of the hair, strengthened it and rejuvenated it. At the beginning of the 20 century, a paint was developed to change the color of hair based on ammonia, which quickly took the leading position, and soon completely replaced the vegetable paints. But the composition of such a tool is very aggressive, its effectiveness is based on the impact on the structure of the natural material from which the hair consists and which is very difficult to restore. Dangerous even the ammonia vapor that enters the person's airway during the hair dyeing procedure. And on the scalp of some of those who use the funds on its basis, ammonia leaves burns. Producers of decorative cosmetics, this problem, of course, worried no less than their customers, and they, after years of research and experiments, were still able to develop hair dye without ammonia.

What is Bezammiachaya hair dye

Bezammiachnye coloring agents are based on pigments of plant origin, they can be used often, and even after the chemical wave and discoloration of hair. They include not only substances that change hair color, but also extracts of plants (birch, grapes, nut), oils and extracts from them, complexes of vitamins that nourish, moisturize and restore their structure.

Those who have not had time to try the novelty, of course, are concerned about the question of how quickly washed away bezlimiachna paint from the surface of the hair. Unlike its aggressive predecessor, bezammiachaya paint does not affect the structure of the hair, but only changes the color of their surface. The paint on the basis of ammonia penetrates into the depth of the hair, lifting its scales, that is, destroying it. The substances of the sparing agent envelop the hair and are fixed on its surface with the help of hydrogen peroxide, the content of which is so insignificant that it can not harm in any way. On the surface, the pigments are held for 5-6 weeks, but their color fades with each wash of the head.

Disadvantages of bezammia coloring agents

Unfortunately, everything that has undeniable advantages has its drawbacks. Do not be an exception and bezmiamachnaya paint for hair, but its disadvantages are so insignificant, that simply can not outshine its pluses. For example, if you need to get rid of bezammiachnoy paint from gray hair, it will need to do in several stages. In addition, this tool is more expensive than the paint based on ammonia. But if you consider that the structure of the hair will not be damaged, such costs will be fully justified.

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