How quickly to wash off tonic from hair

How quickly to wash off tonic from hair
Girls love to change their image and experiment with color volos. If you used to dye your hair tonic, the color of which is not entirely up to you, do not worry. There are many safe ways to help wash the tonic off your curls.

You will need
  • – Burr oil;
  • – lemon juice;
  • – yogurt or yogurt;
  • – washing for hair.
To wash off the tonic from the dyed hair, you can use the following mask, which not only saves you from unwanted color, but also heals your hair. Take a couple of tablespoons of burdock oil and lightly warm it in a water bath. Then squeeze a few drops of fresh lemon juice and mix thoroughly. Then apply the prepared oil mixture to the hair and evenly distribute it along the entire length. Twist the hair into a bun and put on a plastic cap, then a warm terry towel. Leave the mask on for several hours. If you are the owner of dry hair, the time should be reduced to one hour. Then wash off the mask with warm water and shampoo. If necessary, repeat this procedure every other day.

The most simple, safe and effective way that will save you from unwanted shades of hair is to wash your head several times during the day, and you will immediately see the result (because the tonic does not have a strong effect on the hair, it's just a shade of shampoo). After each washing of the head, it is advisable to use a balm or mask, so you will immediately kill two birds with one stone: and the tonic will wash away, and the hair will be treated, which is important for the owners of the chic hairstyle.

As you know, yogurt and yogurt have washing and bleaching qualities, and also improve the structure of hair. Make a mask of kefir (preheating it to forty degrees) and evenly distribute it along the entire length of the hair and massaging movements rub into the scalp. Leave the kefir mask for several hours (the longer, the better the effect), then rinse with warm water and shampoo.

Можно воспользоваться профессиональным средством для смывки краски с волос. Но, во-первых, оно не так уж и безопасно для вашей шевелюры, а во-вторых, a it is not recommended to use it yourself Home conditions. Contact a beauty salon to a qualified specialist, where this procedure will be performed at the highest level.

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