How quickly to reduce the paint

How quickly to reduce the paint
An unsuccessful experiment with the color of the hair can greatly spoil the mood. Quickly rinse off paint quite difficult. Try to cope with this task with the help of professional and folk remedies.

You will need
  • Vegetable oil, cognac, kefir, pink clay, professional washing.
Нанесите на волосы репейное, растительное, оливковое или льняное масло. Наденьте на голову специальную шапочку или полиэтиленовый пакет. Сверху накройте теплой шалью или махровым полотенцем. Подождите несколько часов. По истечении этого времени тщательно промойте волосы теплой проточной водой с шампунем.

Preheat 50 ml of vegetable or olive oil in a water bath or in a microwave. Add 1 a tablespoon of cognac and stir. Distribute the mask along the entire length of the hair and leave it at 2-3 for an hour. Then wash your head in hot water, do not use shampoo for colored hair.

Prepare a mask of sour-milk products. Stir 40 g pink cosmetic clay in 1 a glass of kefir or whey. As a result, a homogeneous mass should be obtained. Apply the mixture over the entire length of the hair. Cover your head with a plastic bag or put on a shower cap. Leave the mask for 1-1.5 hours. To achieve the desired result, perform several procedures. Milk protein (casein) well connects the chemical compounds that make up the paint.

Buy a professional wash in the cosmetic shop. The composition of modern preparations does not include bleaching components and ammonia. Therefore, they do not cause significant damage to the hair. Before how to use смывку, проконсультируйтесь у продавца и внимательно прочитайте прилагающуюся инструкцию.

Нанесите смывку на грязные волосы. Try to distribute the product evenly. It is best to do this with a foam rubber sponge. Then put on a special cap or a plastic bag. Wrap your head with a warm kerchief or a terry towel. Leave in this state for the time specified in the instructions. Do not overstay the compound. After thoroughly wash the hair in plenty of warm water.

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