How quickly to give the skin of the face a fresh and smart look

How quickly to give the skin of the face a fresh and smart look
Today there is a huge amount of cosmetic products on sale, however, the recipes for creams and masks made from natural ingredients often surpass the expensive cosmetics in efficiency. This face mask is often used by masseuses in the salons of Thailand. The mask is truly magical. It will help out in cases when an important event is to be held, and the skin of the face does not look the best. The mask improves skin tone, tightens and aligns, removes swelling and flabbiness

For the mask you will need: walnut, rice, oat flakes, banana and water. In a coffee grinder, you need to crush roughly 60 grams of rice (you do not need to wash rice to keep it sticky). Now, in the same way, it is necessary to crush oatmeal flakes (1 / 4 from the volume of rice) and walnut. Pour the flour into a container.
В получившуюся смесь добавить кусочек мягкого банана (3-4 см) и тщательно все перемешать, постепенно добавляя воду. Воды требуется столько, чтобы получившаяся масса по своей консистенции напоминала густую сметану. Нанести маску на лицо и держать около 10 минут.
After applying the mask, it is necessary to cleanse the skin of the face. It is best to use for this purpose a decoction of chamomile. Chamomile must be brewed and within 7-10 minutes steaming the face on a chamomile bath, then cleanse the skin with a soft scrub. Scrub off with warm water, then rinse your face under a stream of cold water. Since this mask has a great ability to pull up the skin of the face, then after its application, sometimes there is a feeling of tightening, so after the mask is washed off, you can apply a small amount of moisturizing cream and sprinkle your face with thermal water.

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