How our grandmothers grew thin

How our grandmothers grew thin
In the old days in Russia, a thin woman was not considered an ideal. On the contrary, fashion was ladies. Completeness was an indicator of health. And "thin", on the contrary, was synonymous with the word "bad."

Perhaps that is why folk recipes that have survived to this day are connected not with losing weight, but with improving the body. Everyone knows that a healthy body does not suffer from excess weight. Everything is in it, everything is in harmony.

What did our grandmothers do to stay healthy and beautiful? First of all, they eat right. Their diet included infusions, decoctions, juices. For example, birch juice. It was mined in early spring and was taken to improve metabolism. The juice quickly spoils, it needs to be drunk fresh, during the day.

Cabbage juice cleanses the body. Use it in the morning on an empty stomach, then in breaks between meals. For one day, they drink 2-3 glasses. Do not drink cabbage juice if you have problems with the kidneys or intestines.

Tomato juice, drunk before meals, gives a sense of saturation due to its calorie content.

Cucumber – is a good stimulant of metabolism. Contraindications for them – gastritis and peptic ulcer.

Pumpkin juice helps digestion well.

I must admit that not all are enthusiastic about the taste of the listed juices. This can be corrected by diluting them with other juice, for example orange or carrot. Or add crushed parsley, dill, basil to the juice.

Any juice is drunk no later than 15 minutes after cooking. However, regular intake does not mean no diet. It goes more as an addition to it. And do not forget that our grandmothers moved very much and engaged in manual labor. Everything in aggregate served their beauty, strength and health.

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