How not to scorch in the sun

How not to scorch in the sun
With the advent of summer, the number of people who want to substitute the skin with tender sun rays increases day by day. But in pursuit of a fashionable chocolate shade, it is important to tan without burns, so as not to harm your health.

You will need
  • Sunscreen.
Before going to the beach, determine what type of skin your skin belongs to. The brighter it is, the shorter the time spent in the sun. Remember that ultraviolet rays have their effect not only in direct contact with the skin, they also penetrate through the clouds and the scattered shadow of the leaves of trees, so it is impossible to completely protect themselves from them.

To the skin does not burn, at least a quarter of an hour before exposure to the sun, it is necessary to apply a special protective agent on it. Prior to this, it is not recommended to wash in the shower with the use of detergents, as they wash off the skin from the natural fat layer, which serves as an additional barrier to the path of sunlight. The higher the protection factor of the selected cream, the longer it can be in the sun. But even in this case, the first contacts with ultraviolet should be minimal in duration and not exceed 20-30 minutes. Regularly renew the protective agent, especially after contact with water.

Как бы ни хотелось получить ровный загар сразу, не находитесь на солнце в период его повышенной активности, то есть в дневное время. Загар является естественной защитной реакцией кожи и образуется в результате выработки меланина, на количество которого продолжительность одновременного сеанса загара влияние не имеет. Если же вас волнует вопрос того, как не обгореть на солнце, то лучше всего загорать утром и после 16 часов.

Before going on holiday to warm countries it is advisable to visit the solarium several times. Solar activity in such places is much higher and preliminary preparation of the skin will help to avoid burns.

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