How not to gnaw nails

How not to gnaw nails
Bad habit gnaw nails is observed not only in children, but also in adults. Its cause is often hidden in excessive anxiety, stress or excitement. Regardless of what provokes this bad habit, you can get rid of it.

You will need
  • – special bitter or usual nail polish;
  • – laundry soap;
  • – mustard;
  • – iodine;
  • – hot peppers;
  • – колечко для зубов.
Realize the perniciousness of this habit. Nails are not sterile, so there is no guarantee that by chewing them, you do not pick up any dangerous disease, for example, under the nail plates can be worms. This thought is sobering: the desire to gnaw the marigold immediately disappears.

Cover the nail plates with a special bitter lacquer (you can buy it at the pharmacy): after trying once to chew a small piece, the desire to do this will disappear for a long time. By the way, you can get along even with ordinary nail polish (it's rather unpleasant to feel his presence in the mouth). The main rule in the fight against bad habit: varnish to cover the marigold is necessary constantly, until until you learn to chew a manicure.

Contend with a friend or girlfriend that during a week you will not bite your nails. For example, a loser pays an account in a cafe. You will have an interest in getting rid of bad habits.

Another radical method of unlearning gnaw nails – build them up. First, biting off thick acrylic or gel nails is not so simple. Secondly, having paid a lot of money for this beauty, it is unlikely to want to spoil it intentionally.

Scratch marigolds with laundry soap: they will become "not tasty". Or smear them with iodine, spicy pepper или горчицей.

Buy in the pharmacy rubber rings, designed for infants, whose teeth are cut through. As soon as you want to once again bite the nail, gnaw the ringlet: and the manicure will remain beautiful, and you will calm down.

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