How not to get tired with heels

How not to get tired with heels
Shoes on high heels makes the legs of a woman even longer, slimmer, gives an elegant look to the whole image. but walk in such shoes or shoes all day is just unbearable. But there are some secrets that allow you to get rid of fatigue without giving up shoes at heels.

When walking in shoes for a long time heels tired leg muscles, they are asking for rest, giving you a signal of their fatigue. Often these signals can be pain. To make muscles less tired, strengthen them. During the day, even sitting in the office at your desk, periodically stretch your leg muscles, stretch your toe, rotate your foot clockwise and in the opposite direction. Start doing aerobics or focusing in the gym for stepper simulators. In general, playing sports, even if it is a daily fifteen-minute run in the park, will significantly strengthen the muscles of the legs and walking on heels уже не будет такой непреодолимой задачей.

Pay attention to your posture. Put your shoes on heels, встаньте спиной к стене, проследите за тем, чтобы пятки, ягодицы, лопатки и затылок прикасались к ней. Именно с такой прямой спиной и ровной осанкой следует ходить всегда, а особенно когда вы в обуви на heels. Это не только полезно для здоровья, но и придает вам элегантный вид. Приучайте себя к ровной осанке постепенно, начиная с нескольких минут в день и постоянно увеличивая это время. Через несколько дней вам будет проще держать спину ровной, а через пару недель вы полностью привыкнете держать спину ровной, и в постоянном самоконтроле не будет нужды.

Choose the right shoes. Heels of the same height can be carried in different ways in two pairs of shoes. Shoes must be in size. Otherwise, even in shoes on a flat sole you hardly go any longer than a couple of hours, what can I say about shoes with heels. It is better to buy shoes in the evening, because during the day the legs swell a little. And the shoes that you were fit for in the morning, may be small in the evening. If you rarely wear shoes on heels, it is better to choose a steady heel. Go stand on a ten-centimeter pin you will be difficult. Be sure to walk around the store in the shoes, listen carefully to your feelings, whether it's cozy for you, whether it is comfortable and not rubbing shoes.

Rehearse your gait. To look good in shoes on heels, it is necessary to be able to walk beautifully. Even if the heel is very tall, nothing should betray that you feel insecure. You must fly above the ground, and properly selected shoes, smooth posture and trained legs will help you do this even at the highest heel.

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