How not to burn in a solarium

How not to burn in a solarium
Solarium gives an excellent opportunity to acquire a bronze shade of the skin at any time of the year. But for all its attractiveness tan in solariums as dangerous as the sun. Prevent possible burns is not difficult, you only need to follow certain rules.

You will need
  • Cosmetics for tanning in the solarium.
Consult the employees of the salon where you are going to sunbathe. They will be able to tell, how to sunbathe correctly and without risk to the skin.

Do not try to tan in several sessions by increasing their duration. Melanin, due to which the skin acquires a golden hue, should be developed gradually, whereas with excessive exposure to ultraviolet light, only burns are obtained.

When planning to get a tan by a certain date, start to visit the solarium not later than three weeks before the event. It is this time interval that is optimal for skin tanned без ожогов.

In order not to burn in solariums, determine your skin type. If it is light, the duration of the procedures should be the shortest and do not exceed 5 minutes during the first week. Gradually, the duration of sunburn increases, reaching 8-12 minutes, depending on the type of solarium.

Do not sunbathe every day, this will not speed up the process. In order to prevent burns in the solariums, посещать его нужно через день.

In order to help the skin, experiencing stress when exposed to ultraviolet light, apply a moisturizer after sunburn.

If after the procedure you feel discomfort, then the next best thing to postpone for a couple of days.

Remember that the solarium is dangerous not only for the skin, but for the hair. In order that they do not become dry and brittle, cover them with a cap or kerchief.

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