How not to burn in 2018 year

How not to burn in 2018 year
Summer is a wonderful time for rest, water treatments and sunbathing, which heals the body and energizes for the whole year. In order not to get burned, you must follow the rules, which are primarily related to fair-skinned people.

Before going to the beach, take a shower, wipe dry your skin and apply a special cream with a high level of protection against ultraviolet rays (from 30 SPF, baby lotion is suitable). Wait until it is completely absorbed, only then proceed to sunbathing.

If you are the first time this season on the beach, choose a place for the stove away from the water. Sun rays are refracted, which enhances sunburn. Also wipe the body after bathing. At least, so it is necessary to act until the skin has acquired a golden hue – then the chances of getting a burn are much less.

Начинайте загорать по 5 минут, постепенно увеличивая время до 10-15 минут в день. Потом отдыхайте под навесом или накидывайте на тело легкую одежду, которая поможет избежать неприятных последствий. Не забывайте и о головном уборе, лицо тоже может обгореть и начать шелушиться, поэтому надевайте широкополую шляпку.

Try not to be on the beach from 12 to 16 hours, at this time the sun's rays are most active, which can cause not only body burns, but also sunstroke. If you really want to swim during the day, then after water procedures, sit in the shade and do not try to sunbathe – nothing good will come of it.

About per month before the beach season, visit 2 once a week solarium. So you not only avoid обгорания на солнце, but the skin will acquire a tint of sunburn, respectively, you will not stand out on the beach among the rest of those who rest with their pallor.

If you are still burned, lubricate the body with a special soothing milk or anti-burn gel. Of popular recipes, sour cream and grated raw potatoes help a lot. When the skin begins to peel off, treat it with a scrub and apply olive oil to restore elasticity and natural hydration.

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