How not to burn hair with paint

How not to burn hair with paint
A paint that contains ammonia or resorcinol damages the structure of the hair, if not observe the rules of use. But the instructions for use indicate only the main recommendations, in fact, there are many more.

Обратитесь в парикмахерскую или салон красоты, если у вас есть возможность. Во-первых, при окрашивании профессиональными составами цвет держится дольше, а во-вторых, структура волос повреждается в меньшей степени.

A few days before dyeing hair, do not wash your hair – this will help reduce the negative impact of chemicals. The fact is that if the locks have dermal fat, ammonia less dries them.

Before painting, do not use foam, gel, wax, varnish and other styling products. The color can turn unpredictable, and the pigment will be absorbed into the hair structure, which will cause a rapid flow of color.

After the dilution of the coloring composition, quickly apply it to the hair. Observe the exact time, which is indicated in the instructions for use. If you overstrain the coloring base, the tone will turn darker, and curls will damage. This is due to the fact that for the required number of minutes the scales of the hair manage to first open and then close. If you leave the compound on your head longer, the scales again open, which will give an unhealthy appearance to the hair.

Rinse the dye thoroughly with hair, preferably with cool and running water. Apply balm, which goes along with the paint or any other. Do not dry your hair with a hairdryer, wait until the moisture evaporates naturally. The next couple of days, do not wash your hair to get the color fixed.

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