How much face cream need skin

How much face cream need skin
Creams, like any other cosmetic products, need to be applied with the mind. After all, saving money will not result in proper results of skin improvement, and excess can lead to unexpected consequences. The right amount of cream for the skin will be beneficial and will result in proper effects.

Day cream for face

To apply a day cream should be approached with all seriousness. Otherwise, the skin may develop an allergic reaction. Also, excessive application of the day cream can lead to a change in skin type. Apply the cream in the strictly designated areas. The total amount of cream required by the face skin is 2 pea. They should be distributed evenly throughout the face. For this, on each cheek, forehead and nose, 1 drops of cream are applied, and what remains of 2 peas is distributed over the skin of the chin.

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Night cream for face skin

Most often, the night cream is much fatter and more nutritious than the day cream. Therefore, it should be applied less. For the skin will be enough and 1 pea cream. If the cream does not get to distribute evenly throughout the face, then you just need to moisturize the skin. The cream should be relatively warm and then the process of applying it will be much easier.

The procedure is best spent for 2 hours before sleep, and for 1,5 hours it is necessary to get wet with a napkin to remove excess cream.

Do not forget that the excess of the night cream will not allow the skin to breathe. And its lack will lead to dry skin. This is especially noticeable in winter.

Another tip: night and day cream is best to buy one company and one series.

How to apply a face cream

Eye cream

This kind of cream is the most expensive of all. But the duration of using the 1 jar is quite long. After all, the processing of each side will require only an 1 drop of funds. Distribute the eye cream best with a ring finger. This is due to the fact that this finger is considered the weakest and can not harm sensitive skin. If the cream is applied with a special applicator, then you need to check that the pressure is not strong.

Application of cream around the eyes

Tonal, corrective and masking creams

These creams are applied to impart a uniform color to the skin and concealment of defects. In other cases, it is better not to use them at all. In summer it is also desirable to avoid the use of corrective creams. They are very dense in composition, do not allow the skin to breathe and clog pores.

The excessive amount of such cream will lead to rashes, which then it will be impossible to conceal. In addition, excess cream will be visible to others. Therefore, it is applied in the amount of no more than 1 pea. Some creams have a fixed dosage. In this case, there will be enough 1 dose to handle the entire face.

How to apply a skin cream

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