How men look after their skin

How men look after their skin
A man is considered to be a brutal and proud being, who must endure the hardships, the impact of society and the environment. Nevertheless, he also needs proper care for himself, for his health and appearance. Particularly important is the regular care for men's skin.

It should be borne in mind that man's the skin differs from the female in acid-base balance and a number of other factors. Also, the difference in skin density is obvious, the male one is denser in 0,2 times. But men have such an advantage, which would envy many women. This is the presence in the skin in sufficient quantities of melanin and collagen. It is thanks to this representative of the stronger sex is not known such concepts as early wrinkles or cellulite.

But, because of the presence of a large number of capillaries, the skin of men can change color to red and purple. As for the fat glands, their increased activity causes unhealthy shine, increased sweating, the appearance of acne and even inflammatory processes. Experts constantly talk about how unfavorably the shaving procedure affects the skin, reducing its protective mechanisms

To protect and improve the skin, many different means have been developed, in addition, men need to properly care for the skin.

Take, for example, the usual morning wash, in which it is necessary to use a cleansing gel. Apply for this soap is not worth it, since it often has an increased alkalinity, which often leads to irritations. But there is also no need to abuse gel, unless it is caused by a pathological fat release.

Испытать удовольствие от бритья и при этом максимально сократить негативные воздействия на лицо помогут несколько правил.

The razor should be comfortable, kept clean. It is necessary to avoid blunting the shaving part and replace more often, because blunt blades cause unpleasant, painful sensations in the process of shaving and irritation after.

Прежде чем приступить к процедуре, кожу необходимо подготовить. Для этого применяются специально для этого предназначенные пена или гель, которые при нанесении распределяются по коже, позволяя гладко скользить бритвенному станку, уменьшая повреждения поверхности и делая процесс более легким и приятным.

Although it should be noted that the gel is at least not bad, but not the most ideal means, because it can cause disturbances in the natural balance of the skin.

Much more delicately act means, called emulsion oils, which are no worse than foam and gel facilitate the process of shaving. In addition, due to their special properties, they make it possible not to use after shave lotions, since they leave a protective curative film on their face.

Immediately after shaving, attention should be paid to the skin to restore it after the stress has been transferred. For these purposes, a variety of creams and balms have been created that have toning, calming and healing effects. The choice of these funds is possible for any skin.

With age, men observe an increase in the dryness and sensitivity of the skin. This is a signal to the fact that it's time to forget about all cosmetics containing alcohol. On the cosmetic market, there are a lot of preparations containing natural ingredients that act more gently and take care of the skin.

One washing and shaving is not enough for proper care. Do not forget about the effect on the skin of extreme temperatures and bad weather. To prevent deterioration due to these factors, you need to apply cream that helps to get rid of dryness in winter and reduce the abundant fat release in summer.

Time does not stand still, and the body does not age with age, but every person has the opportunity to prolong the excellent condition of their skin. Now the market of men's cosmetics "dazzles" with various means of care and prevention of aging. Do not neglect and beautician, which will help you choose individually the means that will ideally suit your skin.

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