How Macadamia Oil is Used in Cosmetology

How Macadamia Oil is Used in Cosmetology
Macadamia oil is extracted from the fruit of a large tree of the Proteaceae family. This medicine is appreciated in medicine, cosmetology and cooking. The birthplace of macadamia is Australia, but now it is grown in Brazil, South America and South Asia. The oil of this nut is added to cosmetics, it helps with skin diseases, strengthens the heart and normalizes metabolism.

The composition of this miracle cure includes many acids: linoleic, stearic, oleic, palmitoleic. The oil is rich in kahetts, proteins, B vitamins, phytosterols.

Macadamia oil for face care

Macadamia oil is applied to the face in its pure form. With its help, moisturize the skin around the eyes, lips and neck. Macadamia oil for the face is mixed with ethers: avocado, jojoba, dogrose, apricot and almond.

This remedy is a real find for withering and dry skin. It protects the face from the aggressive influence of the environment, smooths wrinkles, restores elasticity and tone. With it, you can get rid of peeling, hyperpigmentation and irritation. And if you mix macadamia nut oil with chamomile or lavender, you will get an effective sun protection.

Application of oil for hair care

Macadamia oil for hair is used in its pure form or added to ready-made balsams and shampoos. It nourishes the skin, makes the hair obedient, increases their elasticity and strengthens. This remedy also effectively fights dandruff.

It is used in a pure form: apply a few drops on wet hair before combing. 1 every two weeks you can make a mask for hair: apply a clean oil or mix it with ethers on dry hair, cover the head with a film and towel, rinse after 60 minutes.

How to take care of skin of hands and body with the help of macadamia oil

Macadamia oil for the skin can replace an expensive cream or cosmetic milk. It helps with sunburn and moisturizes. It is applied in a pure form to dry and clean skin, and also scrub with it. To do this, mix 3 st.l. sugar, according to 1 tbsp. coconut oil and macadamia.

Effective oil of macadamia and with the care of hands: it softens and nourishes the skin with vitamins, rejuvenates and protects. It is used both in pure form, and add to ethers and even make a cream. Before use, this remedy is slightly warmed up. And to make a cream with macadamia oil, you will need more glycerin, sesame and aloe juice. All funds will be needed according to 1 st.l, they are mixed and 10 drops of any essential oil are added.

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