How in a month to lose weight on 10 kilograms without harm to health

How in a month to lose weight on 10 kilograms without harm to health
There are situations when with hated kilograms you want to say goodbye in the shortest possible time, for example, to look stunningly approaching in the summer. But can you lose weight on 10 kg and do no harm to your health? To lose excess weight quickly is quite realistic, but for this it is necessary to exert maximum efforts.

To reset 10 kg for one month, two basic conditions must be met in the form of proper nutrition and exercise. Also have to say goodbye to some bad habits that prevent you from losing weight and adversely affect your health.

Harmful habits that prevent you from losing weight:

1.Insufficient amount of liquid being drunk. To each for an adult a person needs water in the amount of 2 liters daily, and even less so. Without enough fluid to lose weight, and even more to 10 kg, will not work, as water removes accumulated toxins and wastes from the body.

2.Late supper. The last meal should be in the area of ??18 hours. If you feel hungry in the evening, you can afford a light snack in the form of green or herbal tea and some vegetables, for example, cucumber.

3. Incorrect combination of products. Fats are not categorically combined with carbohydrates, so you can not lose weight by eating potatoes and pasta with fatty meat.

4. Late retirement. In the period from 21 hours to 2 hours of the night in the body of a sleeping person, a somonotropic hormone is produced, which takes an active part in the breakdown of fats. That's why in a dream we do not feel hungry. If we go to bed too late, then, accordingly, we deprive ourselves of this important in losing weight of the hormone.

Proper nutrition

To lose excess pounds, you must adhere to the principles of proper nutrition. In the diet of a slimming person, fresh and cooked vegetables (except potatoes), fruits and fruit juices (except grapes and banana), boiled eggs, dairy products with a low fat content (cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese), whole wheat bread, cereals (except for manna). If you want to have a slender figure, you will have to stop using the following products: baked bread, sweets, lard, butter, fried and smoked meat, spices, salt and alcohol.

Physical exercises

Without increasing the physical load to lose weight on 10 kg for a month is unrealistic. As an option, you can sign up for 2-x hour classes in the fitness center. If you do not have the opportunity to attend an 2-3 workout once a week, you can just drop the elevator, walk a few public stops on foot, try to do morning exercises and evening exercises. This set of measures promotes the burning of 500-600 extra calories per day.


If you decide to lose 10 kg per month, then you should familiarize yourself with possible contraindications, so as not to damage your health. So, any sharp changes in the diet are undesirable for people who have problems associated with the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Increase the physical load can not people with diseases of the cardiovascular system. Also, weight loss, and especially such an emergency, is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women.

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