How fast to wind hair

How fast to wind hair
There are situations when you need to quickly curl up hair. For this, it is not necessary to go to a beauty salon or have professional skills, you can at home to cope with this task. It is enough to have the necessary supplies at hand.

You will need
  • Термобигуди, укладочные средства, электрощипцы, термозащитный спрей.
Use the thermal rollers. The installation procedure will not take you much time – about 15-30 minutes. Before you start creating ringlets, wash hair с шампунем и бальзамом-ополаскивателем. Это поможет придать им мягкость и послушность. Затем промокните полотенцем и просушите феном или естественным образом.

Heat the heater, after removing the clips from them. Wait 5-10 minutes. Comb and lightly moisturize hair from the atomizer and make part. Then separate one strand, wind it on the thermobigi and fix it with the fasteners included in the set.

Also for a better effect, you can use professional styling products: mousse or gel. Thus, screw all hair. Снимите бигуди через 15 минут и взбейте hair hands. Comb it is better not to apply, so as not to spoil ringlets. Fix the hairstyle with lacquer.

Make curls with the help of elektrochishtsov. Wash hair, carefully dry with a hair dryer or in the air. Then apply a thermal barrier to reduce the damage from the curling and protect it. hair от высокой температуры. Особое внимание уделите концам. Расчешите hair in the direction of growth, make a parting and divide into zones. Heat the heat exchanger to the desired temperature. Separate the thin strand, lift up and start to curl from the ends. Close the tongs and fix for a few minutes.

После аккуратно отпустите горячую прядь, стараясь не повредить. Действуя по такому принципу, завейте остальные hair. The direction and shape of the curls you define yourself, based on the idea of ??a hairstyle. You can wind it up hair along the entire length or just the ends. Remember that electric locks can not be used more often than 1-2 once a week. Under the influence of high temperature, the structure of the hair is broken, the shine and silkiness are lost.

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