How fashionable to dye hair in 2017 year

How fashionable to dye hair in 2017 year
Girls who prefer To dye hair, it is worth paying attention to fashion trends. However, in this case, it is necessary not to blind imitation, but to search for your own individual image, because an incorrectly selected shade of hair can disfigure a girl, and not make her more attractive.

Choose the shade of hair that you want to achieve. Remember that natural tones are now in fashion, so do not opt ??for such extravagant options as green, blue, bright red, etc. The chosen shade must be right for you. By the way, there is another fashionable trend: women do not change the color of their hair, but emphasize it, using special means, giving the curls a special shine and radiance.

If you decide to repaint a color that is far from your natural, you can give preference to one of the most fashionable shades. In particular, the ashy, platinum blond, русый, светло-пшеничный, насыщенный каштановый, а также нежный шоколадный и черный тона. В моде здоровые блестящие волосы, поэтому рекомендуется отдавать предпочтение мягким, щадящим краскам, а также особым средствам по уходу. Выжженные обесцвеченные волосы совершенно не популярны.

Try to make coloring. If earlier it was fashionable to color the strands entirely, now it is much more popular option, when only the ends of the hair are colored, making smooth transitions from one shade to another. Moreover, not individual locks are painted, but the lower parts of all strands. A more vivid and original image can be created by painting a bang. For this, as a rule, several contrasting shades are used.

Correctly choose a shade for coloring. For blondes fashionable colors will be light brown, pink, ashy, burgundy and purple. Brunettes should pay attention to the golden Blonde, chocolate and turquoise. Girls with red hair can prefer such fashionable shades as black, red and light golden. If you want to make highlights, note that gold and ash colors are now in fashion, and the purpose of staining is to create the effect of light shimmering and shimmering on the hair.

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