How easy it is to make yourself beautiful in the morning

How easy it is to make yourself beautiful in the morning
Not every morning, a beautiful half of humanity is pleased with its own reflection in the mirror. When nedosyp and a lot of problems, it is unlikely that the mirror will reflect cheerful charm. How can it be done so quickly and simply that the eyes shine, cheeks blush, a smile shine?


  • Before jumping at the signal of the alarm clock and plunging into the cycle of everyday affairs, while still lying, actively rub your ears with your fingers and palms so that all biologically active points are involved. Thanks to the stimulation of these points, cheerfulness and desire to act will appear.
  • Sitting, massage your knuckles intensively with your feet, especially the areas that are not involved in walking.
  • Sitting or standing, carefully crush the lumbar region, especially close to the coccyx. You will really feel a rush of energy.
  • Now to the kitchen and turn on the kettle. To make a magic elixir of beauty (the recipe of Queen Cleopatra) you need a large mug with warm (not hot!) Water, a big slice of lemon and a tablespoon of honey. Pour the lemon into the water, stir the honey.
  • Take a mug and more to the mirror. Drink a sip and, looking at yourself in reflection, speak confidently, aloud or to yourself, calling your name: "Tatiana is delicious!" The second sip – "Tatiana is amazing!" The third sip – "Tatiana is charming!" And so on. While you drink a mug, should sound as much as possible dithyrambs. Do not skimp on compliments for yourself, beloved. You will be happy to observe how your face changes, it starts to literally shine!
  • After the application of a day cream, be sure to pat yourself on the cheeks until the appearance of a slight blush.

Now you are really adorable, charming and irresistible! May your future day be successful!

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