How easy it is to make a pedicure at home

How easy it is to make a pedicure at home
Many girls mistakenly believe that a pedicure is necessary only in the summer, when it is possible to flaunt in open shoes. However, in winter our legs require no less care than in the warm season.

You will need
  • For pedicure, you need: pumice (large and small), scissors or nippers, a nail file, a toothbrush and a pedicure machine, a basin, a liquid soap, a towel.
It is necessary to remove coarse skin from the feet. To do this, you need a basin with warm soapy water and a towel. We immerse the legs in the tub and stand 20-30 minutes, periodically pouring hot water, then gently remove the horny areas of the skin with pumice stone, if necessary, you can use a pedicure machine. Using a brush, we clean the area under the nails and around them.

Dry your feet with a towel and cut your nails, never cut off the nail corners, this can cause them to grow. Grind the nail file with a nail file. Next, cover the feet with a fat cream, taking turns massage each finger.

We put a varnish on a nail plate. To do this, it is necessary to degrease the surface of the nail, so that the varnish is laid even. When choosing a color, it is necessary to take into account that bright nails attract attention and make even small defects noticeable. Often, it is not recommended to paint nails, it is necessary to give them a rest and breathe.

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